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25 January 2:00 am
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Look Around Books, the Habitat Series, by Tony King, Time and Quiet Press

Small books for small hands (3″ wide X 2″ high) — each Look Around Book contains 48 pages of information (i.e., the gray tree frog is about the size of your big toenail) and nature photographsphotographs that your child will get lost in.

The Habitat Series includes a look at five different habitat environments, including Bluebird Neighborhood, Found in Florida, A Patch of Desert, Swamp Nearby and Sea’s Edge.

These little books are a great way to introduce your child to animals that exist in your environment, or to introduce your child to animal and bird species that differ from the ones she sees on a regular basis. (East Coast bluebirds are different from West Coast bluebirds, and kids in the Midwest probably don‘t have any idea what a razor clam looks like.)

Each of the small books aims to help a child make friends with the earth, because, as the author states, “When a child feels at home out-of-doors, its as if she lives in a mansion!Great quotation, don‘t you think?

Look Around Books–a wonderful way to encourage a child to learn about and value nature!  Fun too!  And fun learning is forever learning.

Ann Simpson

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