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23 January 2:00 am
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The Key to®…Series are math workbooks for elementary, middle, and high school math students.

The Key to®…Series are self-paced, self-guided workbooks that are classroom-tested and proven successful with students at all levels.  In each set of sequentially-oriented workbooks, 1) the instructions are clear and direct, 2) new concepts are explained in simple language and with pictures, 3) only one concept is presented per page, 4) examples are very easy to follow, and 5) word problems, when utilized, relate to familiar situations.  With these workbooks, students can feel comfortable with new ideas, rather than being overwhelmed.

We want our kids to feel comfortable with math–to be confident–to feel they “get it”!  We want them to enjoy math and to think it’s fun.

Because after all….fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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