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1 February 2:00 am
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An exceptional vocabulary is necessary to perform well on the SAT (did you know that approx. 50% of the SAT is based on vocabulary?) …and also for college and life in general!

The new Vocabulary Workshop: Enriched Edition, brought to you by William H. Sadlier, Inc., is for grades 9-12+ and focuses on vocabulary development for high-achieving, college-bound students.  Each unit starts with 15 of the 20 words embedded in a high-level, nonfiction passage. The unit continues with several exercises designed to scaffold students through their word study.  The unit ends with passages from classic literary texts that use vocabulary words from the unit  (very SAT/ACT style).  There are also practice quizzes for students to take online and an audio download that pronounces every word, gives the definition(s) and provides example sentences.

Plus, Sadlier sponsors a blog where English teacher Sarah Ressler provides a new vocabulary activity, game or author interview every week! Entitled Vocab Gal, the blog shares great student activities and games that come with free downloadable handouts to modify and use instantly with students.

Especially popular are the children’s and young adult author interviews.  While we know the benefits of learning vocabulary, our kids don’t always want to hear it from us.  Vocab Gal Sarah has managed to interview the hottest names in the children’s and young adult publishing world and her 3-4 minute interviews have authors explaining why words are important–not only in writing, but also in life!  Not only can you get your kids hooked on learning words, you can encourage them to pick up a new book in the process!

Sadlier’s vocabulary book is inexpensive and the resources that it provides–both in the book and online–are remarkable!  They make vocabulary learning fun–and fun learning is forever learning.

Ann Simpson

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