Zane Educational is an online education service operated predominantly by homeschoolers.

The company has 2 primary aims:

  • To provide online Visual Learning for Children of all ages that caters most effectively for the widest range of Learning Styles.
  • To reduce the cost of effective homeschooling to around $200 per year per family – irrelevant of the number of children – by delivering the curriculum content using online video to which the family subscribes, after which they provide free Lesson Plans, online testing, and a range of User Guides and online study tools — all at no extra cost.

Currently they teach over 260 curriculum-based topics, with more material being added all the time. They are currently the only online video provider to include the use of subtitles, which research over a 30 year period, has demonstrated the link between the use of subtitles and the ability to dramatically improve reading and literacy skills. This enables Zane’s students to study each curriculum topic and improve their reading and literacy skills simultaneously.

Zane’s  use of video and subtitles also provides an excellent online learning opportunity for Special Needs children and ESL students as well by providing each child with the option to watch, listen to, or read each presentation enabling them to process the information in the manner they find most interesting, effective and beneficial.

Parents in particularly difficult financial situations whose children may be curtailed in their educational opportunities should contact Zane Education to discuss sponsorship options because Zane Education believes that no child should go without.

Ann Simpson

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