17 February 2:00 am
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RINDIN is a Five-Star App that your entire family can read, watch and play.  It teaches the value of tolerance, of being “Friends not Bullies”.  Your kids will love the main character, a darling, googly-eyed, buck-toothed puffer fish.

In the App, RINDIN, a small puffer fish is teased by the other fish because he looks different from them.  The other fish who are bullying RINDIN then get into some trouble with a barracuda and it is only RINDIN (because of his unusual appearance) who can save them.  In the end, all of the fish learn that RINDIN’S appearance should not only be tolerated, but should be celebrated–it’s one of the reasons he’s special.

RINDIN not only conveys the importance of “being yourself”, it also inspires another important principle–Respecting INDIvidual DiffereNces.

This App is optimized for all iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices).  All for $0.99!  A free lite version is also available.

How fun–and fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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