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16 March 2:00 am
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Vocabulary for Success, brought to you by William H. Sadlier, Inc., is a research-based vocabulary program for middle school students.  The program aligns with Common Core State Standards for vocabulary acquisition and use,  provides instruction in academic vocabulary, basic word lists, and vocabulary strategies, supports and enriches instruction with video and audio online resources and builds background knowledge for striving readers.

Each unit within the book consists of three lessons of 10 words each, revolving around a content-area topic or theme, with high-interest social studies and science topics engaging students. Students can check their understanding, learn about word meanings, and learn synonyms, antonyms and idioms.  Student-friendly explanations of word meanings, not formal dictionary definitions are also provided.  Each level of Vocabulary for Success provides in-depth instruction for 210 carefully chosen Lesson words. With over 21 lessons, it’s a great resource for students throughout the year.

The Teacher’s Edition includes an introduction to the program and suggestions for its implementation including planning and pacing suggestions, teaching notes for lessons, as well as the answers to the exercise items in the student text.

In addition, Sadlier sponsors a blog where English teacher Sarah Ressler provides a new vocabulary activity, game or author interview every week.  Entitled Vocab Gal, the blog shares great student activities and games that come with free downloadable handouts to modify and use instantly with students.

Vocabulary for Success is a very straightforward and thorough program, with a separate book for grades 6, 7 and 8.  It’s also excellent for English Language learners.

Vocabulary skills are important, and fun to learn.  And fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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