Lindamood-Bell® Learning Centers offer one-to-one instruction–instruction which often produces years of learning gain in an average of just 6 weeks.

All fifty Lindamood-Bell® Learning Centers are 100% owned, operated, and quality controlled by the original founders of Lindamood-Bell.

In addition–

  • Over 100,00 students of all ages have received Lindamood-Bell instruction.
  • Lindamood-Bell has donated over $5M for educational research projects and has collaborated in research with the National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, Georgetown University, Scripps Research Institute, Texas A&M and more.
  • They have also awarded over $2M in scholarships to students in need.

Additional information regarding Lindamood-Bell® can be found on our homepage, and in the newsletter that is coming out tomorrow.

And yes–fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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