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7 May 2:00 am
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TNT Reading Tutor, for kids pre-school–3rd grade, was created by an experienced team of neuropsychologists, developers, programmers and graphic artists.  TNT Reading Tutor focuses on the core reading skills specified in the National Standards of Learning.  And–it’s effective!

That’s because TNT’s unique “test ‘n’ train” design helps parents determine exactly what their child needs to concentrate on, then creates a structured, customized learning plan tailored directly to his/her specific needs.  Based on over twenty years of reading research, TNT Reading Tutor teaches the skills that have the  greatest impact on a child’s ability to learn to read–letter recognition, phonemic awareness, phonics, mental processing speed, auditory discrimination, working memory, and attention.

Plus, TNT Reading Tutor is fun!  The exercises don’t seem like exercises–they are designed to play like games.  The players earn points by making correct responses and can earn the high score on the Top 10 Player Rankings list.  In addition, children are rewarded with fun video game breaks and colorful certificates whenever they demonstrate success.

TNT Reading Tutor focuses on reading, but at the same time, the game-like exercises also build attention, thinking skills, and working memory–cognitive abilities critical for success in all academic areas.  A nice bonus!

And if you like TNT Reading Tutor, you might be interested in the other BrainTrain products as well.  These include Captain’s Log @ Home and Mental Power Gym.

How fun.  And fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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