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I troll the Internet a lot, looking for sites, articles, products, etc., that might be of interest to homeschoolers.  I found the BuckleyBoo site, and thought, “How Great”!  Here is a woman that took an every day observation and turned it into a business!  And her creation is educational too!

Never heard of BuckleyBoo?  Read about her observation (below, in italics), and then click onto the site.  You’ll be impressed….and maybe even inspired!

I discovered this universal truth playing on the floor with my niece. Surrounded by “stimulating” developmental toys, she made a bee-line for the buckle on her diaper bag.

Taking the hint, my mom and I pulled out the old sewing machine and made her a buckle toy, a tubular blue cat with five different buckles strapped across the tummy. At eighteen months we introduced her to an early version of “BuckleyCat.” She was captivated by the visual, and manipulative nature of the buckles, by the wonderful “click”, by the sense of accomplishment.

We gave Buckley prototypes to the children of friends, and they, too, were captivated. We had made a discovery: Babies love buckles! BuckleyCat was soon followed by Buckley buddies in various shapes, sizes, and colors. BuckleyBoo was born!

Fun–and fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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