The next big wave of innovation transforming how we travel is in social media…if you believe that people from around the world can share fun, trust, and friendship, then this is a great (and cheaper) alternative to hotels. The National Geographic

I joined to save money. But now I’d happily pay to meet these people and have these experiences. The New Yorker

I stayed with a fantastic guy who walked me around the city and told me about things I would never have known. NPR

What opportunity/site are these quotes referring to?! When my adult son isn’t working on a farm in Europe, he’ll be couch surfing his way from one end of the continent to another.  It’s not for everyone–but it’s certainly of interest.

Also of interest–the sites our kids know about, that we know nothing about!  I didn’t know about WWOOFing (previous post) or an international couch surfing site until fairly recently.  Ask your kids about interesting sites that they like–sites that perhaps you know nothing about.  Let them be the teachers!  It will be enlightening–and fun–and fun learning is forever learning.

Ann Simpson

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