JUMP Math is a comprehensive, easy-to-use math program for children in the 1st to 8th grades — and is perfect for homeschoolers.

JUMP Math (JUMP stands for Junior Undiscovered Math Prodigies) believes that everyone has the ability to learn math and to love it! And when teachers and children excel in math, they succeed in other astonishing ways.

Dr. John Mighton is an award-winning mathematician and playwright who developed JUMP Math to help children master a subject widely felt to be tough and scary. He wanted to help others avoid the struggles and math anxiety he had experienced as a student. The JUMP Math approach:

·    Breaks math concepts into small, manageable steps that are clearly explained
·    Uses “guided discovery”, simple language and clear design to promote a spirit of inquiry and a can-do attitude
·    Encourages teachers to use personalized attention and continuous assessment to quickly identify and respond to each student’s struggles and successes
·    Provides progressively harder challenges so students enjoy learning and practicing
·    Fosters independence by gradually reducing support structure
·    Raises the bar for students of all abilities in a way that is fun and engaging

Children love JUMP Math! Some have been known to spend their free/fun time doing math. Others beg to delay bedtime so they can keep doing math.

JUMP Math makes math fun! And as we all know, fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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