Katie Hale

Homeschooling – Reaching the Needs of One

Not every day of the regular “school week” is used for school in our house.  In fact, the schedule I keep with my 5 year old Kindergartener is unpredictable and far from typical.  Some days we start right at 8am with books, worksheets, flashcards and notes.  Other days it’s 3pm and we’ve done nothing but count the number of garments we moved from the washing machine to the dryer.  Yet, as I sit and watch my son who is barely a few months into his 5th year of life, I realize how much more I have to offer him than so many classrooms do.  I see him for who he is.  I know his quirks and his needs better than anyone else.  I don’t have to adapt to meet the needs of 25.   I only have to adapt to meet the needs of the one.  That means that the areas he struggles in get more of my time and attention when he needs them.  And the areas he excels in can be rewarded duly.  It also means that road trips in the middle of a school week are no problem.  His “teacher” and “principle” (aka Mom & Dad) simply go along with him.

Here he is on our recent “field trip” to the United States Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.  He loves science, math and all things having to do with Rocketry.  Not only was this our classroom for the day but it was a reward for his hard work so far in Kindergarten.   This met the needs of one.

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