Mitch Saba

A Homeschool Lesson – We Want Them to be Bees!

While I rarely like or share things like this, a friend sent me this video and thought it needed to be shared:

I don’t normally like this type of thing (it is a waste of time to state the obvious) but for some reason I watched.  In watching it struck me, I’m a Bee.  I was not homeschooled, I am (unfortunately) a product of the public school system, so is my wife.

Through my youth I was repeatedly told I couldn’t do this or that.  I remember in 8th grade, we had to give a presentation on what we wanted to do/be when we grew up.  We were supposed to research our desired future career, which I did.  My presentation was on becoming a Mechanical Engineer.  After I finished my presentation, which I was very proud of, before I left the podium, my teacher ridiculed and laughed at me.  He said I could never become an Engineer given my weak math skills.  I was devastated, humiliated and a bit traumatized as you can imagine.  There were one or two other “excellent mentors” like that throughout my K-12 education though none compare with that.  I was left with a ‘why try’ attitude.

When I graduate high school I did not go to College since I didn’t know what I wanted to do.  I had a successful career in Banking for close to 10 years because I learned faster and worked harder than most of my peers.  Eventually though I quit, went to College and earned not only my Bachelors but my Master’s in Computer Science & Engineering.  That’s right, I became an Engineer!  If only I had been encouraged perhaps I would have become one much sooner.  I have no regrets as I believe everything happens for a reason.  Regardless, my wife had similar experiences, and we vowed to never expose our children to the public school system.  We want them to be Bees!


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