Homeschool Virtual Field Trips

27 December 9:00 pm
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Homeschool Virtual Field Trips


Susan Calistri Boesger

I thought I’d list a collection I have created of virtual field trips that are available for homeschool kids.  The first three are true virtual field trips, in the sense that they are videos exploring each place, and the fourth is a hybrid of a field trip and virtual exploration.  The remainder are 360 degree views, photo essays and videos which can be used as “field trips” (or collections of field trips by topic):

1. Virtual field trip of the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan, NY by author Brian O. Selznik (15 min.):

2. Virtual field trip of Ellis Island (31 min.):

3. Virtual field trip of the National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C. (self-paced, using stock camera views):

4. Virtual Egypt field trips (re-creations and modern views) (self-paced):

5. Virtual (360 views) of cultural sites from around the world as part of Google’s World Wonders Project:

6. Video series inside various aspects of the presidency and the White House:

7. Virtual Tour with 360 degree views of Buckingham Palace:

8. Virtual field trips for kids arranged by topic:

9. Collection of virtual field trips for kids (list of internet links, not vetted for accuracy or availability):

10. 100 Incredible and Educational Field Trips from

None of these take the place of actual travel, in my book, but are extremely valuable resources to enhance education!

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