The following is a Guest Blog post–a cute homeschooling project–by reader Katrina Thennis.

I’m not sure where I got this idea.  I think I saw some other project and revised it to fit what we needed.  If anyone finds that someone else came up with this idea I would be happy to credit this to them.

Cardboard egg carton
Single hole punch
Acrylic paint
Googly eyes or permanent  marker
Hot glue gun & glue or craft glue
Small pom-poms or cotton balls


1.  Cut two cups out of the egg carton and even off the edges with scissors.
2.   Look at the cups and find one that has a wider raised spot to choose as the top of the head (you will glue or draw eyes on this wider spot).  Punch a hole in the back of this cup to make a spot for your child to put their finger through.  I punched one spot multiple times to make a spot big enough.  It was easier than using scissors to try to cut a circle.
3.  The bottom part of the cup can be turned whichever way you like.  Punch a hole in that one too.
4.   Paint the outside of the cups.  We used green acrylic paint and covered it with glitter.  I have two little girls who are firm believers that everything looks better with glitter.  Let dry thoroughly.  If your kids are anxiously waiting to try out the frogs you might use a hair dryer set on low.
5.   Draw or glue eyes on.

How to Use:

1.    Fine Motor Skills
Scatter pom-poms on the floor or table and let your child “feed the frog”.  You can use assorted colors of pom-poms and challenge them to pick only certain colors.

2. Math
Again scatter pom-poms but this time make requests such as “Let’s see if the frog can find 3 pink pom-poms.”  I also let the girls pick out certain numbers of pom-poms and my older one adds them together.  So for example, one child might be asked to find 4 green pom-poms and the other one to find 3 pink pom-poms and the oldest then adds them together.

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