My Dad Was My Homeschool Teacher

13 December 9:00 pm
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Katie Hale

My Dad Was My Homeschool Teacher

As a woman who was home educated as a child, I definitely know the lists of pros and cons that go alongside the idea of taking it upon yourself to be a homeschool teacher for your children.  I saw as my Dad struggled to keep up with his job as a pastor and to be the educator I needed.  I recall many times where I missed the routine of a classroom and simply the time spent with other kids my age.  Do I regret being homeschooled?  No.  Do I wish some parts had been different?  Of course I do.  But in the end I wouldn’t trade those times for anything.  My most treasured moments in life are of the years that my Dad was my teacher.  Sitting in the living room eating cereal and watching Little House on the Prairie each morning before Bible Class may not be what the curriculum suggested but it taught me something no classroom could.  My Daddy loved me and he wanted to encourage me to read.  By getting me interested in a TV show, he pulled me into the world of historical fiction books.  He nurtured me as only a father could.  That non-traditional tactic opened my world to a love of books and history that still burns strong as I review authors on my own blog today.

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