Geometry… molecules…. pretzels and marshmallows…  oh my!

This is a  homeschool science project you can eat!

Guest Blogger Celena Janton

My kiddos had fun for hours with this super easy, not-too-messy, very affordable science craft you can eat!  They practiced their shapes, creativity, and writing, brushed up on teamwork, and they had very much fun doing it.  Maybe just as great as Lincoln Logs, and much more affordable.  As my daughter said, “This is crazy cool!”  I must say, Science class at our house is soooo much more fun than I ever had in elementary school.  I love it!

Print out this idea sheet to give your kiddos some inspiration while they work.

You can read more of Celena’s postings at The Traveling Sisterhood.

Fun–and fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson


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