One of the TOP TEN (of the Top 100) Educational Websites for 2013–and a site you may not be familiar with is–

Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop

The website reads, “I’ve been building and inventing educational things for the past 20 years, including educational games, projects, songs, activities, skits, plays, textbooks, hands-on science exhibits, and published books. This site really is like putting my basement online. One by one, I am working my way through the stacks of things sitting on my shelves, digitalizing them, and posting them for anyone who might find them useful. Individual items are posted as FREE DOWNLOADS.” reader Nancy, one of our readers that recommended this site wrote, “I’d like to recommend Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop.  I challenge you to find better free stuff on the web. Her offerings are incredible — a full botany course, lots of Latin games, the Elements, math, classification and animal learning activities, and more. Not only is the quality superb, but it’s shared generously. Unlike many sites where 2-3 things are free while everything else is for sale, on this site nearly everything is free (the 5 or 6 things that are for sale are reasonably priced, BTW, and I found them well worth the price).

Fun–and fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson


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