Maple sugaring is a fun and educational activity to get the family outdoors in late winter/early spring.If you have a mature maple tree (at least 12 inches in diameter) and live the in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic/ Mid-West, then you are half way there!

Tapping maple trees offers hands on lessons in nature, math (boiling sap to syrup is a ratio of 40 to 1), science, and the origin of our food supply.  And what a great family activity!

Everything you need can be found at the Tap My Trees website. The Starter Kit with aluminum buckets ( includes all the equipment to tap 3 trees.  Each tap will yield approximately 10-15 gallons of maple sap. Boil it down and make 1 quart of maple syrup! The Tap My Trees site has helpful information and lesson plans oriented towards the beginner.

Joe at Tap My Trees is your go-to resource for maple sugaring info and advice.  He welcomes any and all questions during any part of the process and enjoys hearing about your experiences.  Be sure to contact him via the website.

What a fun and educational activity!  And fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson


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