For more than 70 years, Colonial Williamsburg has provided a premier field trip experience, great for homeschoolers. Through engaging and interactive programming, homeschooled students have the opportunity to travel back in time and become immersed in the everyday life of a colonial city.

Each year, Colonial Williamsburg designates several weeks for Homeschooler Experiences that include a variety of activities and hands-on opportunities. These programs are designed and priced exclusively for homeschooled students and their families.

As the incubator for ideas and concepts that shaped our nation, Williamsburg has a rich history that can inspire our youth. The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, a not-for-profit educational foundation, operates the largest living history museum in the world. It actively supports a range of educational opportunities in keeping with Colonial Williamsburg’s mission: “That the future may learn from the past,” inviting homeschoolers and their families to be a part of America’s story.

To plan a trip or make reservations, call 1-800-280-8039, email [email protected], or visit


Ann Simpson

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