I love the Internet, and the growing abundance of amazing free content–almost all of it, is great for homeschooling.  My bookmarks tab reads like a list of eclectic hobbies, from creating rollercoasters to living cell art.  These are some of my favorites links:

1. Real video piano lessons from a certified teacher.  There are 50 lessons in all, designed by Joseph Hoffman to teach children the basics of piano-playing.  And yes, the lessons are really free.  In addition, Hoffman offers downloads of his music and worksheets, along with a parent guide and mp3s of how the songs on the sheet music should sound, for $23.99 for the first series of lessons.

2. Ever wanted to design your own rollercoaster?  Here’s your chance!  This interactive program from PBSLearning teaches students how rollercoasters are designed, while providing information about the physics behind rollercoaster safety. There’s even a short history of rollercoasters, and a glossary of the physics definitions used in the program.

3. I admit, I love KhanAcademy.  The website offers completely free video learning for anyone, in subjects like art history, banking, biology, algebra, calculus, geometry, American civics, finance, cryptography, chemistry, physics, American history, and economics.  Learn something new.

4. Videos, blogs, quizzes, games and step-by-step instruction for everything you should know, from Discovery Education.  You can find information on almost anything, like: Did the Chinese beat Columbus to America?  How do you cook an egg on a car engine?  How did Lake Nyos kill 1700 villagers in one day? Top Ten Wacky Inventions for the home, lion taming, strategy games and crop circles.

5. Guilty pleasure at its best.  This website has a huge collection of wacky, weird and unique items found across the web, including mech robots, wolverine claws, and underwater headphones.  Looking for something for the person who has literally everything?  Check it out.

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