Homeschooling the Vacation Way is a Guest Blog post from reader Celena.

About a year and a half ago, my hubby, our four children, and I had the opportunity to tour the Gulf Coast.  A wonderful job opportunity, a generous amount of time off, and excitement for learning about new places all wove together to create an amazing vacation that lasted for weeks.

Visiting Alabama, we discovered why its nickname is “The Beautiful State.”  We saw giant Magnolia blossoms, played in a Bamboo forest, and ran along the coast.  In Mississippi, we enjoyed the beach.  We invited new friends and nearby family to a beach bonfire party.  Before the sun set, we played in the sand and even found a jellyfish.  Later, we sat around the bonfire roasting marshmallows with the moon shining on the ocean, friends smiling and laughing, Grandpa strumming on his guitar, sand in my toes, no worries.  For those moments, everything seemed perfect and beautiful, and it was just a part of our best vacation ever.  Later, we made our way to Florida.  We stayed at a historic hotel, visited an art museum, and spent the day at a naval aviation museum.  In Louisiana near the Atchafalaya River, we learned about the swampland, tried fried alligator at a Cajun restaurant (delicious, I promise, especially dipped in ketchup!), and even saw a wild armadillo at the most amazing visitor’s center (more like “museum”) we’d ever been to.

Our vacation stretched across numerous weeks and four states.  We basked in God’s beautiful creation, were surrounded by history, but most importantly, the children learned so much more than they could ever have learned from text books. Be creative; find a way to integrate a vacation field trip into your homeschool curriculum.  It’s all part of the glorious flexibility and freedom of homeschooling!

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