Pat Wyman, from has written and article entitled Personalized Learning and the Technology Debate , and she makes some very positive comments about homeschoolers.

In her article, Pat writes–

The concept of personalized learning is fairly new in the school systems, there is much debate over how to implement it, whether it can successfully replace “traditional” education, whether technology plays too big a role, and the list goes on.

Yet, there is one group of students who, as we look to implementing and enhancing personalized learning, might be considered the best possible role models.

These students consistently achieve higher than average SAT and ACT scores, are considered to be the the happiest, and most highly motivated learners according to nearly every college in the nation. These students epitomize personalized learning and they are homeschooled.

Homeschoolers choose their own learning, keep learning dynamic and maintain authentic real world connections to their learning. They use the latest technology and they are, again, the epitome of life-long learners who feed their own learning interests and engage in them at a level to be revered by the rest of us.

Were we to ask this ever-growing group how to incorporate personalized learning in the public school system in a way that ensures success, I believe we would find many of the high quality answers we seek.

Pat would appreciate it if you could read her article and comment on it.  She feels, “bringing homeschoolers and traditional school communities together to discuss and create benefits personalized learning and is a wonderful idea”.

Have to agree!

Ann Simpson

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