The following is a guest blog post from Celena, with some painting tips.

The other week, the kiddos and I worked with acrylics for Art class.  I realize a lot of parents stick with watercolors.  Don’t!  Watercolors have their place, but there are so many art techniques that do much better with acrylics.  Do wear clothes you don’t mind becoming stained, though.  😉  Acrylics will wash off the table, but you’ll be hard pressed to get them to wash out of clothes.

Color Wheels
For our first lesson, we made a color wheel: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.  Start with painting the primary colors first.  Mix the primaries to get your secondary colors.

Here’s a bit of handy vocab. to use when painting with your kiddos:

Complimentary Colors: Colors across from each other on the color wheel.  When placing them with each other in an artwork, they make each other appear more vibrant.

Primary Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow

Secondary Colors: Orange, Green, Purple

Warm Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow

Cool Colors: Green, Blue, Purple

Tints: Any color with white added to it.

Shades: Any color with black added to it.

Tints and Shades
Next, we experimented with tints and shades.  The kiddos wrote their names using letter stencils.  They chose a color and painted their first letter with it.  If you do this, make sure and use quite a gob of paint b/c you’ll need to keep adding to this base.  For each letter, they added a little bit of either white (if they chose to use tints) or black (if they chose to use shades) to their palette.  They turned out beautifully, but if you want to see how cool they look, you’ll have to try it yourself!

To read more from Celena, visit her blog, The Traveling Sisterhood.

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