When we started homeschooling, we were all inspired.  I bet most of us still are—yet if we’re honest; we all have our down days.  So—what do you do to get re-inspired?   I’ve jotted down a few things that I do.  Maybe it can help and inspire you too:

  • I have to admit, I occasionally take a day to myself.  If necessary, I declare a school holiday!  If the government and schools can do it, so can I!  For that one day, I relax and rejuvenate.  Really, why not–there is always tomorrow.  And of course the kids love it!
  • I ask my loved ones for help—luckily, they are supportive.  Perhaps my husband will help our kids build a birdhouse, or my mother will give a piano lesson to my daughter.  This benefits the kids in so many ways, and I benefit too.
  • I use mentors whenever possible.   Talk about inspirational!  Our neighbor down the street was a WWII veteran.   Before he died, he talked to my children about WWII, about what it was like to be a pilot flying over enemy lines, about what was at stake, about gasoline rationing during the war, women joining the workforce to support the war effort, etc.  He put a personal spin on something that before that, meant very little to them.  Mentors can be anywhere and everywhere.  I have a friend that is an attorney.  She explains basic law, government and economics to my children.  She is a walking, talking, encyclopedia.  Mentors make our job easier and they can inspire us and our children.
  • I talk to other homeschooling Moms.  I take my kids and go to my friend’s house or we meet at the park.  It allows us the opportunity to exchange stories, talk about our frustrations, and to laugh.  Laughing is good.  And while I’m recharging, my kids are socializing—it’s a win/win.
  • Every few months, I look for used books online that will inspire me.  I can’t even remember the last time I purchased a book full price.  The last used book I purchased was in pristine condition and was even signed by the author.  Sweet!  I highlight a book when I read it, and then go back and re-read just the highlighted areas when I need to refresh myself.  Find one or more books that inspire you.
  • I go online to find/read a Homeschool mother’s blog.  Usually, I can relate on so many levels, and I realize that my struggles are shared struggles.  Have you done the same? Or have you considered starting your own blog (I have two), because really, writing is cathartic.   You can turn it into a learning experience for both you and your kids….maybe they want to blog about being homeschooled….or occasionally add to your blog.  There are lots of possibilities!
  • I’m not the kind of gal that spends a lot of time watching videos online….but these will bring a smile to your face….and sometimes a smile is all we need to keep going–,  (I have this one bookmarked), (similar, and funny),  (they look like they’re having a great time).
  • If I’m losing my inspiration, I can only assume my children are losing theirs too.  So I ask them—do they want to go in an entirely different direction–maybe focus more on cool and exciting science projects rather than math?  Re-focusing can re-inspire.

It’s important that we not lose our inspiration, and that our children not lose theirs.  When it’s fading, it’s easy to nip it in the bud, to re-energize ourselves, and to start a whole new day with an improved attitude/zeal for our homeschooling efforts.

When you’re re-inspired/rejuvenated, learning becomes fun again—and we all know that fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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