It’s common for a student of any age to lose motivation from time to me.  Below are three motivational tips to combat waning self-discipline and slipping enthusiasm:

  • Marble jars–Try using “marble jars” as a fun motivational system. Each student has his or her own jar filled with as many marbles as there are lessons scheduled that day. As the student finishes a lesson, he/she takes a marble from the jar and puts it in the family “completed” jar. When the start jar is empty, the school day is completed!
  • Find a special place to display schoolwork–Display schoolwork, including art, handwriting assignments, book reports and MORE in a special place where the rest of the family (aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.) can see what your child is working on. Hearing others’ positive comments can give your student a big boost of confidence.
  • Let your child see his or her progress–Help your student set goals appropriate for his or her growth, confidence, and happiness. Post the goals in your homeschool area so your student can check them off as they are accomplished, which provides a continuous sense of achievement. Then review where your child started a week, a month, or a year ago and compare it with his or her current abilities.

Using these tactics may give your student a sense of achievement and confidence that will increase his/her motivation to learn.  And that’s always a plus!


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