In January, we published a newsletter entitled 5 Reasons to Continue Homeschooling Through High School.  One of our readers, Jennifer Cook-DeRosa wrote in with a SIXTH reason to homeschool through H.S. We’d like to share it with you–

I have the 6th reason – because homeschooled kids and their parents have the time and flexibility to cherry-pick their curriculum and earn college credit while still in high school. I started doing that with my oldest son in 8th grade, and have been working down the list with all 4 of our sons. Last month I wrote a book about it, not to become a writer (I’m not!) but because people need to know, and this information simply wasn’t out there. My book is Homeschooling For College Credit. I hope you won’t mind my shameless promotion, but I think it’s really important.

I agree!  And in this case, I don’t mind “shameless promotion”.    🙂

Ann Simpson

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