Are you vacationing in a new location this summer? This list challenges you to think beyond the typical tourist attractions and experience a new city like a local.  While you’re at it, why not use this as a checklist for exploring your own piece of the country — the city YOU call home.

  1. Ride coasters at an Amusement Park
  2. Observe the local fish at the Aquarium
  3. Stretch as tall as a tree at the Arboretum
  4. Ponder paintings at an Art Museum
  5. Cheer with the home team at the Ball Park
  6. Get your feet wet at the Beach
  7. Strut your stuff on the Boardwalk
  8. Stop and smell the roses at the Botanical Garden
  9. Cross, and re-cross, a landmark Bridge
  10. Gaze at the stars while Camping Out
  11. Turn round and round on a Carousel
  12. Light a candle at the Cathedral
  13. Expand your imagination at a Children’s Museum
  14. Feast like a king at a Dinner Theater
  15. Interact with the animals in a new Ecosystem
  16. Push some buttons on a Factory Tour
  17. Taste new flavors at the Farmer’s Market
  18. Celebrate at a Festival
  19. Hook your own dinner while Fishing
  20. Study new food while Foraging
  21. Exercise your direction while Geocaching
  22. Tee up at a Golf Course
  23. Walk the distance on a Hiking Trail
  24. Research a new Historical Site
  25. Step back in time at a History Museum
  26. Sample local flavors at the Ice Cream Store
  27. Paddle like you mean it on a Kayak
  28. Photo bomb a Landmark
  29. Take in the Local Cuisine
  30. Memorialize a Monument
  31. Screen a flick at a Movie Theater
  32. Dance a jig at a Music Venue
  33. Spy on animals at a Nature Center
  34. Collect photos on a Nature Walk
  35. Explore an eccentric Neighborhood
  36. Scan the sky in an Observatory
  37. Shake your body at an Outdoor Concert
  38. Get a little dirty at a Petting Zoo
  39. Lay out a blanket for a Picnic
  40. Climb and swing at a Playground
  41. Meet new friends at a Puppet Theater
  42. Putter about at a Putt Putt Course
  43. Unscramble the clues in a Scavenger Hunt
  44. Explore at a Science Museum
  45. Applaud the local car at a Speedway
  46. Chat with a ranger at a State Park
  47. Explore a new culture at a Temple
  48. Meet new characters at a Theme Park
  49. Take a trip to a Transportation Museum
  50. Site-see from the window of a Trolley
  51. Cool down in the breeze of a Waterfall
  52. Get wet at a Water Park
  53. Explore a Wharf
  54. Discover something new at a Yard Sale
  55. Talk to the animals at the Zoo

Do you have other ideas for exploring new cities? We would love to hear them!


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