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19 May 5:00 am
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Woody’s World, book written by E.Renee Heiss, book illustrated by Chelsea Sekanic

Book published by Character Publishing

Ages 8 and Up

124 pages

Approx. price $18


Woody’s World is a charming, thought-provoking book about the adventures of a creative twelve-year-old boy during The Great Depression. The book chronicles his fun, fool-hardy life prior to the stock market crash, through the following year, as he grows from a boy who tends to get into trouble, to a determined, hard-working young man—a true entrepreneur, who is able to partially support his family.

Because this book was written about a different time, there are numerous historical/cultural talking points. Read the book with your child and take the time to stop and discuss various subjects as they arise.  On the positive side—it was a time when kids played outside safely for hours on end, without needing to tell their parents where they were, and a time when close-knit communities kept an eye out for each of their young members. Unfortunately, it was also a time when it was the norm for children to receive corporal punishment, and a time when African Americans were called negative names due to their race.

Woody’s World is the recipient of the 2013 Children’s Literary Classics Seal of Approval—and a great book to read with your children.

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