Books about homeschooling are educational; they can provide great ideas; boost enthusiasm; and can be downright inspiring.

Yesterday we gave you a list of five homeschooling books we like—and today we’re following up with ANOTHER five recommendations:

  •  Home Learning Year by Year: How to Design a Homeschool Curriculum from Preschool Through High School, by Rebecca Rupp

In this book, homeschoolers find a comprehensive guide to designing a homeschool curriculum. The author presents a structured plan to ensure that your children will learn what they need to learn when they need to learn it, from preschool through high school. Based on the traditional pre-K through 12th-grade structure, Home Learning Year by Year features the subjects that need to be covered within each grade, standards for knowledge that should be acquired by your child at each level, and recommendations regarding texts for each subject.

  •  Homeschooling at the Speed of Life: Balancing Home, School, And Family in the Real Worldby Marilyn Rockett

This book provides a thorough resource for bringing order to your home-turned-classroom.  The book specifically deals with how to tame the paper monster and how to keep organized records—and includes the author’s easily adaptable File-a-Plan organizing system on a bonus CD-ROM.

  •   The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling (3rd Edition), by Debra Bell

 The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling features subject-by-subject guidelines and program recommendations; tips on how to unlock your child’s learning potential, tips on motivating students, and advice on multi-level teaching. This manual is an excellent guide to homeschooling.

  •  Homeschooling Our Children Unschooling Ourselves, by Alison McKee

 Homeschooling Our Children Unschooling Ourselves offers insights into how children learn. This book reassure parents considering homeschooling that nurturing children’s natural desires to learn can empower their children to become enthusiastic life-long learners.

  •  100 Top Picks For Homeschool Curriculum: Choosing The Right Curriculum And Approach For Your Child’s Learning Style, by Cathy Duffy

 100 Top Picks For Homeschool Curriculum: Choosing The Right Curriculum And Approach For Your Child’s Learning Style makes planning and choosing curriculum as simpler as ever. The author guides you through the process, offering her “Top Picks” from each subject area. 100 Top Picks gives parents just the right balance of guidance and choices so they make well-informed choices in their curriculum purchases.

And in case you missed it in our last post, our absolute FAVORITE homeschooling book is–

Homeschooling and Loving It, by Rebecca Kochenderfer.

In Homeschooling and Loving It, Rebecca Kochenderfer provides a common sense approach to homeschooling that is interactive and guides you in making sure that your child is at or above grade level. Common sense solutions help you organize your time between homeschooling, chores, work, etc. These solutions also help in keeping yourself and your child motivated all year long and allows you to provide your child a complete education without breaking the bank and without homeschooling 8-10 hours a day. You will learn how to homeschool different age children at the same time ( even with a baby or toddler in the house! ) as well as how to prepare your high schooler to get into the college of his/her choice.

The interactive exercises at the end of each chapter give you insight and a better understanding into how you and your student (s) learn. In using these exercises you will find what will and won’t work in your home.

The common sense approach outlined in this book is easy to understand, easy to implement, and will save you money.

If books about homeschooling can save you time and money—why wouldn’t you read them?

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