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Travel provides wisdom that cannot be duplicated in a classroom and ensures lessons are internalized for a lifetime. It enables learning using all five senses.

  • SMELL the lighted gunpowder as a cannon is shot during a civil war reenactment
  • HEAR the water beat the rocks as it falls 20 feet off a cliff, and only yards from your campsite
  • SEE the silhouette of a foreign cityscape across a moonlit sky
  • TASTE the unfamiliar flavors of an authentic restaurant in China Town
  • FEEL the sand between your toes as you hunt for washed up sand dollars and sea stars at the beach

Are you a globetrotting wanderluster who ventures from African safari to Arctic adventure? Maybe a road tripping family who meanders from one ocean to another?  Or do you take your travel in small doses, in the form of daytrips and local fieldtrips?

Join us at where we will explore, with a bent towards the educational aspects of family travel. Several times per week we give you tips and tricks for successful travel.  Read articles about stretching your dollar by traveling in off-season. Learn about unique holidays, and how to celebrate them with travel. Investigate educational offerings in YOUR city and cities near you.

Whether you are venturing down the road, across the country, or around the globe, is the resource to add to your rucksack.


leslismallMy name is Lesli and I’m the new Travel Editor; you can think of me as your Tour Guide.  I’m a homeschooling mom to two young boys (and I’m a bonus mom to two teenagers, as well.) Our home base is Atlanta, GA.  When we aren’t on the road (10 states this year already), we’re making our own cheese, raising chickens, and creating as much mischief as possible. I’m honored to be working with the team and with you. I hope you will connect with the new Travel department; here are some ways to do that:


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