Mother’s Day Memories

10 May 5:00 am
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I’d like to share my favorite Mother’s Day memories with you, from a Mom’s perspective and from a younger perspective as well.

My favorite recent Mother’s Day memory is the one where my kids, entirely on their own, surprised me with a really nice breakfast in bed, complete with orange juice and a Baby Ruth candy bar on the side!  Why does this one stand out?  Because we didn’t have orange juice in the refrigerator that morning and I know we didn’t have a Baby Ruth in the house!  My kids pooled their money and their efforts, rode their bikes to the store for the juice and candy, and then they cooked a pretty elaborate breakfast.   What amazes me, to this day, is all the effort that went into it.  And the thoughtfulness–they remembered my favorite candy bar is a Baby Ruth and included it as dessert!

From a younger perspective, every Mother’s Day, from the time I was a teenager until I was 27 and my Gramie died, I purchased a “house dress” for her–it was part bathrobe…part dress.  It was a tradition….and I really enjoyed picking out the cutest one I could find.  I miss doing that.  I wish I could shop for a house dress this year!

Mother’s Day is important.  Not just for us…but for our children.  They make us handmade gifts, they make us breakfast, they show their love for us….and they will have memories of fun and meaningful Mother’s Days when they are older and mothers themselves.

Make sure they have the opportunity to do something nice for you.  Let them make a memory!

Ann Simpson

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