Blog’s Summer Freebie Extravaganza starts SATURDAY, June 1st and lasts through July 31st.  New freebies will be added daily–and right now, there are about 140 in the queue!

And I have some great news–Sadlier is going to be a part of our Summer Freebie Extravaganza!  They’ll be giving away Sadlier Phonics Resource Kits (for kids K-3rd grade),  Grammar Resource Kits for kids in grades 3-5, and  Vocabulary Resource Kits for kids in grades 2-5.

Our readers REALLY enjoyed their Phonics freebie in February–and now they’ve added additional give-aways.  Thank you Sadlier!

Following is a review of a Sadlier product–Vocabulary for Success, Level B, Grade 7. We certainly liked it!

Vocabulary for Success is a research-based vocabulary program for middle school students.   It provides instruction in academic vocabulary and  vocabulary strategies,  and builds background knowledge for striving readers.

Each unit within the book consists of three lessons of 10 words each, revolving around a content-area topic or theme ( high-interest topics!). Students can check their understanding, learn about word meanings, and learn synonyms, antonyms and idioms. Student-friendly explanations of word meanings, not formal dictionary definitions are also included. Each level of Vocabulary for Success provides in-depth instruction for 210 carefully chosen lesson words. With over 21 lessons, it’s a great resource for students throughout the year.

The Teacher’s Edition includes an introduction to the program and suggestions for its use including planning and pacing suggestions,  as well as the answers to the exercise items in the student text.

Vocabulary for Success is a very straightforward and thorough program–a definite plus in any homeschooling program.

Stay tuned–because Sadlier downloads will be available throughout June and July!

Fun–and fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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