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Time4Writing provides 8-week online writing courses, with one-on-one feedback and interaction with a certified teacher.  Classes are offered at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels for students in the elementary through high school grades.  If you’re not sure which class is right for your child, Time4Writing provides an online Course Placement Tool to assist in the decision making process.

The elementary online writing courses start at the pre-writing level with a beginner course on grammar usage. Other elementary writing courses cover topics such as the parts of speech, punctuation, subject and predicates, sentence structure, sentence types and different types of paragraphs. An advanced elementary writing course introduces the essay, teaches about expository, persuasive and narrative variations and culminates with a five paragraph essay. Both parents and students appreciate the help of a certified online writing tutor as assignments are graded and feedback is provided.

The middle school online writing courses start at the beginner level with a basic writing mechanics course, which focuses on writing fundamentals such as sentences vs. fragments, subjects and predicates, subject-verb agreement and capitalization. Intermediate courses include writing enhancements, paragraph writing and a middle school essay writing course that is designed to strengthen the student’s ability to write a well-structured essay. The advanced middle school writing course teaches students to find their voice and create essays that match style and media. Online writing courses for middle school students led by certified teachers ensure that students are as proficient constructing a solid paragraph as they are crafting a well-balanced essay.

The high school online writing courses allow students to strengthen their writing skills at a level that recognizes their maturity. Beginner level courses include “Grammar, Usage and Mechanics” and “High School Paragraphs,” which focus on sentence structure, proper punctuation, capitalization, subject-verb agreement, paragraph structure, types of paragraphs and proofreading. Intermediate courses include paragraph and essay writing courses that develop skills and introduce students to the essay writing process from the pre-writing to revision stage. The essay writing for the SAT course is designed for students who want to strengthen their essay writing skills in order to achieve higher SAT scores.

With all the above courses, students complete their work online through an easy to use interface and submit their completed assignments to an assigned teacher who then grades and provides feedback through the students’ online account.  Students can send messages to their assigned teacher in order to ask questions about assignments or to discuss progress. Parents receive mid-course and end of course reports. At the successful completion of the course, students receive a completion certificate.

Want to see how it works?  View their two-minute tour.

In addition to the courses, Time4Writing provides free writing tips and additional resources on their site.  Plus, Time4Writing offers a satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to cancel or switch courses at any time if you are not satisfied with the product within the first 14 days. The courses cost $119 each.

Because Time4Writing is an online course, it is convenient for the ultra- busy homeschooling student and parent. Time4Writing  is great for the child who likes to work at his/her own pace (make sure they can do so within the allotted time). had a recent college graduate with weak writing skills, take the SAT Essay Writing class—and her writing skills improved!   Because of this, we believe the high school courses are appropriate for college-aged students, and parents too!

Writing can be fun–and as we all know, fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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