Balance Summer Fun with Summer Learning! is a guest post written by Donna Lasinski, the creator of the ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program.

“Really?  You want me to do what???”  The sound of children fighting for their right to relax and veg out every summer can cause any parent to flinch, sigh and weaken.  After all, we remember our never-ending youthful summers with fondness.

The trick is not to continue school during the summer, but instead to not lose ground over the summer.  The effort is takes to learn a new concept or skill is many times greater than the effort required to maintain it.

For example, remember when we used to have to dial phone numbers?  If you didn’t call a friend for several months, it was tricky to remember her number.  But if you called her once a week, the phone number was easy to recall.

That is the balance you want to strike in the summer, just enough work to maintain the skills, but not so much work that that you have an unhappy household!

ThinkStretch was designed by myself with teams of parents, teachers and kids to make sure that the balance was pitch perfect for everyone!

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ThinkStretch Summer Learning Kits

Every student kit includes a grade specific workbook, parent guide to summer and an achievement medal.

  • Eight weekly lessons contain a reading log, writing exercise, math review and hands on science or math bonus activity
  • Grade-specific summer learning books from Pre-K to 7th grade align with the Common Core State Standards (I know homeschoolers pride themselves in going beyond the Core–this is certainly possible with ThinkStretch!)
  • Achievement medal rewards students for completing their books
  • Parent Guide to Summer supports families with extra activities, reading guides, answer keys and parent shared ideas

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