Homeschool Travel – Getting There Can Be Half the Fun!

4Knowledge-4Fun’s Take on Traveling With Your Family

4Knowledge-4Fun  is an independent toy store that reaches out to homeschoolers.  They helped us with’s Holiday Gift Guide last year, and have already given us great insights for the 2013 Guide.  Can you believe we’re already  working on it?!  Anyway, I reached out to 4Knowledge-4Fun because I noticed they have a section of travel toys on their website–I figured who better to give great advice on fun travel toys! 

Below is their post–

A U.S. Travel Association affiliated company released that, “solo travelers,” those traveling alone with no companions, constitute only 11% of leisure travelers.  Accordingly, this means that this summer, you are more than likely to be accompanied by your children than not.  4Knowledge-4Fun recognizes that “getting there is half the fun,” as long as you come prepared.  For this reason we are highlighting the Travel section of our website to ensure your trips will remain as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.  Even if you aren’t packing your bags this year, we are dedicated to providing you with hassle free trips around town with an exceptional bang for your buck.

yell2For trips around town, and to the airport, the award-winning Find It by Find It Games, is an unbeatable low hassle travel game with few pieces. The game is played within a completely sealed cylinder less than 12” tall. Depending on the title, it contains from 39-48 objects to locate and record. The game mechanics are perfect for a five year old all the way to grandma and even the younger crowd will enjoy simply shifting the colorful beads. When the first tube becomes a family favorite there are two additional titles: At the Zoo Find It and At the Farm Find It. Try them all!

On the road, the last thing you want to worry about is stopping to replace forgotten or dysfunctional art supplies.  That is why our easily portable coloring kits such as the Color Me Eco Packs and Eco-Doodle Mat by Endangered Species HSL come prepackaged with all the supplies you will need for the car, airplane or restaurant.  The mat is even erasable and reusable with special rip resistant material.  Have extra learning fun with our Color ‘n Seek Alphabet Hidden Pictures booklet by B. Dazzle Inc. which comes with markers included.

If you want to skip markers and crayons all together but have an art lover at home, you can always try the brand new Water Magic art booklets by Toysmith.  The books are small and light weight enough for a purse, and when the pen brush is filled with water it allows for almost unlimited doodle and coloring.  Once dried the pages are even reusable. We carry four varieties from Dinosaurs to Underwater.  A great time for under $5.00!

When imagining seats on a standard airliner along with the 16” x 10” airplane tray, it becomes apparent that there really isn’t room for much activity of any kind.  So what should you do to keep your family entertained for the entire flight?  Take and Play Games by Patch Products Inc. answer strongly with a line of magnetic games contained within portable tins.  The games range in number of pieces but are all magnetic and eliminate the need for pencils or dice that will roll away, and cards that will be dropped or slide off trays.  Some of the more popular choices include Take ‘n Play Anywhere Chess and Bingo but the company has expanded into some multi-player options such as Go Fishing and quick plays like Hangman or Tic-Tac-ToeWe also carry an extremely portable Magnetic Backgammon set by Toysmith.

And don’t forget some personal family favorites for when you get there, including the quick to learn Phase 10 by U.S. Game Systems Inc., and challenging Scramble Squares by B. Dazzle Inc.

All of these items can be found at through the Travel  sidebar, or by using our search function by item or manufacturer.  Thank you for growing with us at 4Knowledge-4Fun.  Stay tuned this season for new products and events.

Thank you 4Knowledge-4Fun!  Traveling can be fun–and fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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