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It’s always fun to get a bit hands-on and messy with your kids over the summer. After contemplating a few ideas I could try with my kids, I decided to begin our summer with edible finger painting–a fun, messy and yet easy-to-clean activity you can do with your kids at home.

Here’s how:

1      Make up a batch of vanilla jello pudding mix according to the instructions.

2      Divide up your batch into several different bowls.

3      Using food coloring, drop in several drops of color into each bowl of pudding.

4      Use a popsicle stick, and stir the coloring in until you’ve got the color your kids like best.

5      Now get out construction paper, have your kids dip their fingers in, and paint away.

The best part about this project is- it’s completely edible!

Have fun, and enjoy the summer days.

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Thank you Demetria!


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