The following is a guest post from Chicka Elloy, regarding how we can be relevant home teachers, and how iKnuckleBump can be of assistance.  And iKnuckleBump is a Summer Freebie being offered today–check it out.

How many hats do you wear in one day? Parent, teacher, mentor, driver, facilitator, spouse, pastor, friend, servant, clown, leader, therapist, nurse, concierge, negotiator, chef and did I miss the all important housekeeper including ‘butt wiping’ if you have a child under two. Even if I didn’t cover them all, I know you are a Jedi of both execution and diffusion and … I also know you wouldn’t mind a nap or foot massage right now either, eh?

We don’t know each other, but as a husband with 2 diamond daughters and as an educator of 17 years I applaud you for the time you spend with your family and intentionally making a difference in the lives of your kids. I often work with parents who speak about not being intentional in their teaching and this saddens me especially when I hear we are “too busy” to be intentional or “don’t have enough time” to find the resources.  The research of this culture says that “feeling rushed is a part of everyday life” but should this excuse our lack of preparation which is ripping our students off? I wonder if we fill our lives with busyness because we are terrified of becoming still and being present.

Being still equals a perception of being unproductive which could be perceived as lazy which requires discipline … rinse and repeat. This leads me to ask myself a daily question: How can I be intentional about being intentional today with my actions? Deep stuff, I know J

Relate: My children/students also find it hard to be present in their learning so before I engage them with instruction, I have to find some common ground to relate my world of content to their world of “all about me”. This can be used with an enrolling video, story, metaphor etc. that could catch their attention. Once I have them leaning in, hooked if you will…

Engage: This is the craft of taking them from being enrolled by your story told in their world and slowly transitioning their minds to your world of content/instruction. Two worlds engaged in the same learning, moving in one direction – well done!

Lead: Learning only takes place when you lead them to demonstrate your outcome. Otherwise it is just a good time – I am glad you are having fun, but our teaching responsibility is to prepare to lead our future so get them to show you what they learned – while having fun.

Edu-tainment needs to be a focus in our teaching pedagogy if we wish to keep perturbation in today’s learning. Students are hungry to be engaged in the classroom and if we intentionally create our teaching to be more relevant, we will lead them into the 21st century with efficacy.

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