Summer Brain Drain – EVERYONE Loses Something! is a guest post written by Donna Lasinski, the creator of the ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program.

ThinkStretch is a participant in’s Summer Freebie Extravaganza.  Have you seen the ThinkStretch listings?  We sure appreciate their products!

Now, from Donna–


One of the most interesting findings to come out of the most recent education research into summer learning loss is that every child loses.

The amount of learning lost by a child IS NOT correlated to their race, gender or IQ.  Let’s think about that.

The smartest kid in the room loses just as much knowledge as the struggling learner if they do not practice their skills over the summer – because it is simply how the brain works!

The ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program focuses on maintaining the skills kids have learned while offering opportunities for fun and exploration.  To benefit every student, each child works at their own reading and writing level while practicing key math skills and concepts.

ThinkStretch Summer Learning Kits

Every student kit includes a grade specific workbook, parent guide to summer and an achievement medal.

  • Eight weekly lessons contain a reading log, writing exercise, math review and hands on science or math bonus activity
  • Grade-specific summer learning books from Pre-K to 7th grade align with the Common Core State Standards (I know homeschoolers pride themselves in going beyond the Core–this is certainly possible with ThinkStretch!)
  • Achievement medal rewards students for completing their books
  • Parent Guide to Summer supports families with extra activities, reading guides, answer keys and parent shared ideas

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