Many parents who homeschool their children like to incorporate an extra bit of fun into daily lessons during the summertime. Plus, with the arrival of the warm weather, kids can go on outings that enhance various homeschool lessons. The following offers some ideas to parents who want to give their summertime homeschooling lessons a dose of fun! The worksheets, lesson plans, and crafts noted here are available at This is company with that is participating in the Summer Freebie Extravaganza! Thank you FreePrintableOnline!

An Adventure with Oceans and Continents

An exciting lesson on the world’s oceans and continents is always welcomed especially in the depths of the summertime. Parents can go beyond simply teaching their homeschoolers a list of names. They can begin with a worksheet that outlines the basics of the lesson, then go into depth about the size of each continent, its topography and its population. Parents can also expand on the lesson by helping their children to research the types of sharks, whales, fish and other sea life that live in each ocean. If there is an aquarium in town, parents may consider a summertime visit to reinforce the lesson. As a finishing touch, a kid can color one of the many printable coloring pages featuring ocean life.

Count It Out!

For younger homeschool students, it’s important to learn the names of the various coins as well as their value. There are some colorful worksheets available that help deliver the lesson. Parents can go a step further and teach their kids how to count out correct change. Kids simply take what they know about the values of coins and count the coins on the worksheets. To reinforce this skill, parents can take their kids out for ice cream or another type of treat and ask them to count out the exact amount necessary to pay the bill. Putting a skill like this into practice is a valuable lesson for homeschool kids to learn over the summer.

Write It Right–red-riding-hood–

Reading and the summertime seem to go together. Homeschool students learn how to determine the proper word to put in a story with the help of a classic, ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ This worksheet asks kids to fill in the correct word as they read the story. The fact that this is a familiar story for many kids assists them in finding the correct answers. In addition, to allowing kids the opportunity to find the correct word, a kid gets to practice his or her writing and pronunciation skills! Choosing a bookmark craft to complete further enhances the lesson and emphasizes the fun of reading.

Name That Animal!

With this lesson, homeschool kids get practice identifying animals. These worksheets give students the first letter of the animal’s name, but they have to spell the rest of the word. A little illustration of each animal makes these worksheets all the more appealing to young students. There are other worksheets with an animal theme that give homeschoolers the opportunity to practice making their cursive letters. A really fun addition to this lesson is allowing a child to make an origami owl or Canadian goose craft!

Unscramble It!

Parents interested in spelling lessons for their summertime curriculum will find plenty of helpful worksheets. Most students enjoy unscrambling letters to make words. There’s a word unscramble worksheet with a fruit theme that teaches kids the various names of fruits as well as their correct spellings. Parents may even want to put a gathering of fruit on the table to further reinforce this lesson. Kids can eat the fruit when the lesson is done!

Short and Sweet!

Finally, parents can conduct a lesson on word abbreviations with a simple worksheet. Homeschool students must figure out the abbreviations to several words and write them down. This is a useful summertime lesson because while parents are out driving with their kids or shopping, they can ask their children to point out various abbreviations and what they stand for.



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