The following is a guest post from Demetria–she has some great summer fun ideas.

This is the first time Demetria is posting with us, and we’re so happy she’s a part of our Summer Extravaganza!

Summer time is fast approaching, and when it does I like to have some fun things lined up for the kids to do. If you’re like me, you’re probably preparing for summer activities to keep your kids busy and happy, especially if you’re not planning to continue with schooling over the summer.

I scouted around the web and found a few summer fun ideas for kids:

  • Learn a new skill.  This summer my kids plan to take swim lessons, and since it will be their first time learning to swim, it is very much a big deal in our home! My oldest daughter would also like to learn more about art technique, and begin a new blog. Learning never stops, even during the summer.
  • Go on a treasure hunt.  This is something my kids would do together a few years ago when they were younger, but it’s still just as much fun today.  Come up with a list of clues which you will hide in sequence and make the grand prize something really exciting.
  • Garden together.  If you’ve never hopped on board with gardening, you can learn this new skill with your kids!  Go grab some flower pots, potting soil, and a variety of flower and veggie seeds and start your own little miniature garden.  Your kids will enjoy watching the plants grow and will anticipate harvest time when veggies are full grown and ready to eat.  There is nothing quite like a tall, beautiful flower which you’ve nurtured and grown in your own backyard.
  • Read together.  Summer time is great for relaxing, unwinding, and reading those books that have been lying around on the shelves.  During the school year we don’t always have time to read all the books we’ve planned.  Now’s the time to curl up with your kids and read a chapter book by the pool.

These are just a few ideas for summer fun with our kids.  Enjoy your summer.  We never stop learning!

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