Kayaking while camping at Mulberry River in Franklin County Arkansas. This photo was taken by a reader, Courtney Doudna.

The 4th week of June is National Camping Week.  Our family will be celebrating; will yours?  Whether you are new to camping, or adventuring in the great outdoors is old-hat, you are bound to find inspiration from this round up of family travel camping experiences. Read about camping in a fire tower, get some advice on what to pack for a camping excursion, and see pictures from one family’s early morning surprise!


Types of Camping Experiences

Jennifer Miner of The Vacation Gals takes you inside her adventure at a KOA Glamour Cabin. Can we really call this camping?? (Of course!)

Get some insight on camping in a yurt (and with a baby) from Kate Spiller of Wild Tales Of…

Jody Halsted, writing for De Moines Moms Blog, gives you the low-down on different types of camping, from rough and rugged to pampered escapes.

If you’re up for a little adventure, try one of these four alternative camping adventures suggested by Amy Whitley of Trekaroo.

First time campers will enjoy a ‘helping hand’ camping experience offered by many state parks around the country.  Erin Haag of Mommy Octopus details the program for Georgia; you can call your state parks program for more information in your area.

This post from Kirstie Pelling of The Family Adventure Project will inspire you. Using only bivis and tarps this family is sleeping under the stars in a host of environments.


Camping Tips and Tricks

Jessica Nugent and LiLing Pang of Trekaroo designed a packing list for the basic camping expedition, including essentials for babies, hiking and beach camping.

Even if you think you have the basics under control, don’t miss this list of creative camping gear for travel with the smallest of over-nighters, from Jessica Bower of Suitcases and Sippycups.

Michelle McCoy, with Trekaroo, offers advice about snagging a space at the more popular National Parks.

If you are escaping to the woods or beach in a camper, then you will love these space saving hints from Linda Kramer of Travels With Children.

Some of us can’t do anything without reading a book about it first {your illustrious author is raising her hand here}. If you fall into this ‘camp’, then check out this book review from Kara Williams at The Vacation Gals.

Stuart Wickes from Family Adventure Project gives you some detailed points to ponder if you are looking to gear up with your own tent.

Once you gear up, follow these tips for tent camping from Allison Laypath at Tips for Family Trips. I especially like her tips for a good night’s sleep!


Adventure While Camping

Camping was only a secondary adventure to Rhythm Turner, a student writing for Wandering Educators.  Her manatee experience was the highlight!

Daring families will enjoy reading about camping with Sue Rodman from Field Trips with Sue; she and her crew went on a cave tour and hang gliding experience.

And finally, Amy Stupovszky from World School Adventures reminds us that (mis)adventures sometimes arise when least expected. I love how Amy commemorates her family’s trials; it is definitely one to talk about year after year.


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