From’s 101Things To Do This Summer Newsletter, Summer 2013 edition, comes our  # 24 suggestion – Bake cookies on the dashboard of your car! Learn the science behind this activity.

car cookies

Yes, you read it correctly—you can bake cookies on the dashboard of your car!

HOW can you back cookies in a car?  Well, as you know, during the summer months, temperatures inside a vehicle can get very hot.  In fact, they can range between 110 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit (or even higher).

This rapid rise in temperature is caused by the greenhouse effect. When visible light penetrates glass, infrared emissions get caught and they cause extreme heat.

So, put the greenhouse effect to good use! Make the sun’s thermal energy work for you and bake cookies in your car.  A link with directions on how to do this can be found in our 101Things To Do This Summer newsletter.

BTW–I think this is a great experiment—but not an opportunity to have a home (car) made treat!  Especially if you use eggs–I don’t think you should eat the cookies (although others have).

Have fun with this—because fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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