From’s 101Things To Do This Summer newsletter, Summer 2013 edition, comes suggestion #79 — Learn to hula hoop and master some fun tricks! Learn the science behind it as well!

People have been playing with spheres for a VERY, VERY long time (thousands of years)—but the hula hoop as we know it came about in 1958 (I realize, that to you, that might be a VERY long time ago) when the Wham-O toy company introduced it.  Colorful Wham-O Hula Hoops filled stores across the country– with a price tag of just $1.98 (of course, that was more money back then—ask your Mom or Dad about present value vs. future value of money—it can be a mini-economics lesson)!

Hula Hoops were a HUGE success — Wham-O sold approximately 25 million hula hoops in the United States in just two months! By the end of 1958, sales exceeded $45 million, but the Hula Hoop craze already ran its course and Wham-O moved on to its next big toy.  What do you think that was?   The Frisbee!

Fun—and fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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