From’s  101 Things To Do This Summer newsletter, Summer 2013 edition, comes our  # 89 suggestion – Learn the science behind rainbows, and make your own rainbow—all you need is a garden hose!

Everyone loves a rainbow!  It would be nice if we could see them on a daily basis!  Why can’t we?  Well, certain conditions have to exist.  Since all rainbows are the result of light being refracted and reflected in moisture — rain must be somewhere in front of you and,  the sun must be behind you and low enough for its rays to be reflected at the proper angle to reach your eyes.  Otherwise, you won’t be able to see a rainbow.

The good news is, since sunshine and showers occur together most frequently in the summer, more rainbows are seen during the summer months than at any other time of the year.  Maybe you’ll see one in the very near future!

Did you know there is such a thing as a moonlight rainbow?  Moonlight rainbows are just like their sunshine counterparts, but they are very faint in color.

Want to learn more?  How you can make your own rainbow with a garden hose?  Check out’s 101 Things To Do This Summer for the links associated with this entry.

Fun—and fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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