From’s 101 Things To Do This Summer newsletter and list, Summer 2013 edition, comes our  # 20 suggestion – Play badminton. It’s a fun game. Compare it to ping pong and tennis. Just because you’re good at one doesn’t mean you’re good at the others. Why is that?

Even though the sports as similar, there are a number of reasons they are different–

  • Obviously, badminton and Ping Pong are both indoor sports and require a relatively small playing space. Tennis requires far more room to play.
  • The skills required for badminton and tennis are very different.  In badminton, a player primarily uses wrist action to change direction or deceive opponents.  In tennis, the wrist is usually “frozen” and a player relies on his/her forearm.
  • Badminton is a much faster sport! Did you know that badminton is the fastest racquet sport in the world? Shuttlecock speeds can reach beyond 200MPH!
  • Shuttlecock is an odd word isn’t it?  A shuttlecock  is a feathered projectile used in badminton.  A shuttlecock drops differently than a ball, and it doesn’t spin like a ball spins.

By the way, how do I know that you can be good at one of these sports and not the others?  I was a badminton champ—and I’m a really good ping pong player – but my tennis abilities are pitiful!

See what sports you’re good at, and have some fun.  After all, fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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