Summer Boredom – Say What?! is a guest post written by Donna Lasinski, the creator of the ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program.  What a great title! 

From Donna–The school year offers lots of opportunities for kids and parents to socialize on a regular basis.  One of the blessings of summer is a relaxation of the activity schedule.  But that can result in boredom and loneliness not just for kids, but for parents too.

Research supports these ideas – validating that summertime gives parents the most anxiety about involving their children in productive activities.

ThinkStretch’s Parent Guide to Summer offers lots of parent-shared tips for keeping summer boredom and loneliness at bay.  Some of my favorites ideas are:

Create a Code – We created a code by giving numbers to letters.  We wrote secret notes to each other and put them in secret spy locations only known to note writers.

Weekly Visits – Weekly visits to the library, special bike rides and picnic, and visits to the Farmer’s Market are our summer fun activities.

Find Home – We bike ride a long distance and then using our sense of direction we find a different way back.  Sometimes we do that when driving too.  Can the kids get me home from where we are (left, right, can you tell what way we are heading?  North, south?)

You will find everything you need for a fun, engaging summer with the ThinkStretch Summer Learning program.

ThinkStretch Summer Learning Kits

Every student kit includes a grade specific workbook, parent guide to summer and an achievement medal.

  • Eight weekly lessons contain a reading log, writing exercise, math review and hands on science or math bonus activity
  • Grade-specific summer learning books from Pre-K to 7th grade align with the Common Core State Standards (I know homeschoolers pride themselves in going beyond the Core–this is certainly possible with ThinkStretch!)
  • Achievement medal rewards students for completing their books
  • Parent Guide to Summer supports families with extra activities, reading guides, answer keys and parent shared ideas

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Thank you Donna!


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