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Asheville TreeTops Adventure Park

Tie into a harness, and swing from the trees as you encounter obstacles such as dangling hula hoops, airborne kayaks, and tightrope wires – all from 12 to 45 feet in the air.  There are over 50 challenges, spread over three levels of trails.  Green Trails are ideal for kids as young as 7 years old, or they make a great warm up for older kids, and mom and dad.  Yellow Trails increase the challenge, and Red Trails are not for the faint of heart.  My teens took on all three levels, which took about three hours.

Observers can huddle under a large portion of the obstacle park, gasping as the adventurers above move from stage to stage. It’s a great place to take pictures. Bobby, our ropes course expert and guide, was hands-off and allowed the kids to experience the challenges themselves, but was only a yelp away when they needed assistance or advice on overcoming an obstacle. The kids were able to experience the ropes independently because of new belay technology; a device affectionately called a “Tweezle” ensured that they were always latched in safely as they maneuvered the course. As mom, this state-of-the-art contraption gave me rest, knowing that my aerial acrobats were attached at all times.

In addition to the ropes course, explorers can take the Zipline Tour (save on a combo ticket) or bike the trails around the property.  Don’t forget to wear closed-toe shoes, and bring a cooler for cold drinks or snacks during and after your high-flying expedition.

Asheville Treetop 1


Asheville Treetops 2

Disclosure: Thank you to the city of Asheville for assisting us on our family adventure. Thank you, also, to Asheville Treetops Park, Biltmore, Tupelo Honey Café and Doubletree Hotel for their complementary contributions to our Asheville adventure.   While we appreciate their kindness, it never deters us from reporting our honest opinion. Find Lesli on Google+.


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