Create Your Own Flannel Board for Under $3  is a guest post from Demetria, of  I love this post, in part because it has a youtube video that accompanies it.  Gotta love it!  Thank you Demetria!

When my youngest daughter turned four, I thought of all the whimsically fun and creative activities we could possibly do together for preschool at home.

I immediately gravitated toward the idea of purchasing a flannel board for finger plays.  So I finally did my google search for flannel boards, but I was soon hopping over to Ebay and to find less expensive options.

I eventually decided on attempting to create my own.  At first I had no clue how to do this, but with a little bit of thought, I realized it wouldn’t be so hard after all.

I took a trip to the Dollar Store and purchased a poster board, and grabbed a yard or so of flannel from Wal-Mart.  With my hot glue gun and a pair of scissors, here’s what I came up with:

1.)   First, cut the flannel to fit the poster board.

2.)   Then hot glue the corners and sides of the flannel onto the back of the poster board.

3.)   Pat it down, secure it, and let it dry a few minutes.

4.)   And voila!  You have a flannel board you can use over and over again for your finger puppet plays and flannel lesson activities.

To see the youtube video that accompanies this, click here.

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