eTAP offers comprehensive K-12 curriculum. Students have access to all grades and subjects, and varied resources are provided to satisfy all learning styles.  Test prep is available as well.

What do other homeschoolers think about eTAP?

“This site was awesome! I home schooled my daughter for almost a year using this site during 8th grade. She entered 9th grade this year & is at the top of her class in a magnet high school. We appreciate so much the quality of the eTAP studies. It made a huge difference in our learning and teaching experience.” Elizabeth Lee (Atlanta, Georgia)

“I have looked at this web site. I am amazed at all the information. Not only is it affordable, but for my needs — 3 kids (K, 2 & 7) everything is literally at my fingertips. Thank you.” – John S.

To learn more about eTAP, click here.  Note, that they offer a free trialRight in time for back to (home) school!

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